YouTuber Anthony Vella’s Terrifying Paramotor Crash Captured on Video

Anthony Vella, a 33-year-old YouTuber, shared harrowing footage of his near-fatal accident while piloting a motorized paraglider, revealing the moment he apparently broke his neck and sustained additional injuries after plummeting nearly 100 feet from the sky.

Uploaded to Vella’s YouTube channel on Saturday, the video titled “Paramotor Crash ALMOST Ended My Life” documents the dramatic crash of his motorized paraglider, which occurred while he was flying at approximately 48 mph. Although the exact date of the accident remains unclear, Vella chose to share the video to provide viewers with insights into the incident and its causes.

The video shows Vella testing the BDG Luna 3, described as “a reflex paramotor wing for intermediate and advanced pilots,” at Enchanted Rock State Park, located northwest of Austin, Texas. Shortly after takeoff, Vella can be seen joyfully flying through the air, celebrating his speed of 48 mph on the motorized backpack.

However, as Vella checks his phone for his speed, the paramotor wing above him suddenly snaps back, causing him to twist in the air and plummet approximately 85 to 100 feet to the ground. Vella’s shocked reaction and subsequent screams are audible as he makes contact with the ground, seemingly breaking the frame of the motor backpack upon impact.

In the video, Vella urgently requests Siri to call 911 as he writhes in pain, eventually receiving assistance from two Good Samaritans who notify emergency services and help him contact his wife, Leandra. Emergency responders arrive approximately 30 minutes after the crash, assessing Vella’s injuries and transporting him to the hospital, where he undergoes surgery for fractures to his neck, back, pelvis, and shattered right arm.

Vella attributes the crash to a “small tension knot” in the glider that he overlooked during pre-flight checks, emphasizing that the fault lies not with the BDG Luna 3 but with the overlooked knot, which acted akin to applying brakes, leading to the accident.

In the video description, Leandra expresses gratitude for the outpouring of support and updates viewers on Vella’s injuries, noting his determination to recover fully. She invites subscribers to follow his rehabilitation journey and eagerly anticipates his return to flying.

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