White House Press Secretary Clarifies Biden’s Remarks on Allies as ‘Xenophobic’

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre found herself addressing questions from reporters on Thursday following President Joe Biden’s characterization of certain allies, including Japan, as “xenophobic” during a campaign event in Washington, D.C. the previous day.

Biden’s statement raised eyebrows as he suggested countries such as China, Japan, and Russia were facing economic challenges due to their alleged xenophobic attitudes. Journalists sought clarification on the president’s remarks, particularly regarding the term’s implications when applied to an ally.

Responding to inquiries, Jean-Pierre emphasized Biden’s focus on highlighting America’s identity as a nation built by immigrants and the importance of embracing diversity. She underscored that Biden’s remarks aimed to reinforce the strength derived from America’s immigrant population, rather than to cast aspersions on specific nations.

Despite persistent questioning, Jean-Pierre declined to address whether Biden intended to issue an apology to Japan for his comments. Instead, she reiterated the administration’s stance on the significance of immigration to America’s societal fabric and economic vitality.


During the campaign event, Biden had emphasized the role of immigrants in America’s economic growth and contrasted it with purported xenophobic attitudes in other countries, suggesting that openness to immigration bolstered national strength.

Jean-Pierre’s responses sought to contextualize Biden’s remarks within the broader narrative of America’s identity as a nation built on immigrant contributions, emphasizing the president’s commitment to addressing issues relevant to the American people.

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