White House in Crisis Mode After President Biden’s Heated Press Conference

On Thursday, a CNN panelist declared that the White House was facing a “five-alarm fire” following President Joe Biden’s confrontational press conference, where he disputed a report by special counsel Robert Hur.

During the press conference, Biden expressed his frustration with the coverage of Hur’s report, which found him intentionally retaining classified documents but opted not to press charges. Alyssa Farah Griffin, speaking on CNN, criticized Biden’s approach, stating, “He undercut two of his biggest messages: The adults are back in charge, by being dismissive. While he won’t be convicted or tried, there were damning aspects, including deliberation of Afghan war plans and discussing classified documents with a non-cleared biographer, revealing a concerning level of recklessness.”


Griffin highlighted that Biden’s talking points further undermined his message, citing the odd claim that he stepped away from an international crisis to deal with a self-inflicted Department of Justice investigation. She emphasized, “This is becoming a five-alarm fire for the White House.”

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin suggested that a significant takeaway from the press conference could be Biden’s verbal gaffe, particularly his reference to the President of Mexico. Toobin remarked, “Mexico? Where did that come from? I mean, that’s the only thing anyone will remember from this.”

The age and mental fitness of President Biden have increasingly become concerns due to verbal slips. Notably, he made false claims about conversations with deceased leaders, forgot details during the speech, and confused the presidents of Egypt and Mexico. Instances of falls and stumbling incidents during his term have added to the scrutiny surrounding his physical well-being.

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