Virginia House of Delegates Candidate Susanna Gibson Faces Controversy Over Online Videos

Susanna Gibson, a Democratic candidate vying for a seat in Virginia’s House of Delegates, finds herself embroiled in controversy after it was revealed that she engaged in sexual acts with her husband in front of a live online audience and solicited “tips” for specific sexual acts. The shocking revelation has sparked a heated debate about privacy, legality, and its impact on the upcoming election.

According to the Washington Post, Gibson, a mother of two children, streamed explicit content on Chaturbate, a website known for live sex streams and free sex chats. More than a dozen videos under her username were archived in September 2022, shortly after she announced her candidacy for a competitive district in the Richmond area.

Gibson’s actions on the platform reportedly included soliciting “tips” from viewers for performing acts requested by them. In some instances, she claimed to be “raising money for a good cause.” During these live broadcasts, she would also interrupt her sexual acts to engage with viewers, requesting “tips” paid through tokens. Additionally, she performed specific acts in a “private room,” which incurred additional charges.

In response to the exposure of these videos, Gibson decried it as “an illegal invasion of my privacy designed to humiliate me and my family.” She expressed her determination not to be intimidated or silenced, accusing her political opponents and their Republican allies of resorting to extreme measures to silence women who speak out.

Her attorney, Daniel P. Watkins, argued that the release of these videos by a Republican operative violated Virginia’s revenge porn law. The law categorizes such actions as a Class 1 misdemeanor when sexual or nude images are maliciously distributed with the intent to coerce, harass, or intimidate another person.

Gibson is currently in a competitive race against Republican candidate David Owen for the House seat in the 2024 election. The Virginia race holds significant importance as Republicans aim to gain control of the state Senate and retain the House, which would provide GOP Gov. Glenn Youngkin with unified control of the state government.

Notably, Gibson has garnered endorsements from former Democratic Virginia Governor Ralph Northam and Levar Stoney, the Mayor of Richmond, according to her campaign website. While she has out-raised Owen, raising $377,000 compared to his $340,000, she has spent a substantial portion of her funds during a contentious primary campaign. The controversy surrounding the online videos now adds a new layer of complexity to an already closely-watched political contest.

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