US House Approves Formal Impeachment Inquiry into President Biden

In a significant development, the United States House of Representatives voted on Wednesday to formalize the impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden. The resolution, supported by Republicans, aims to grant them the authority to collect additional evidence and enforce legal demands.

Allegations of bribery and corruption during Biden’s tenure as vice-president have been brought forward by three Republican-led House committees. However, as of now, tangible evidence of wrongdoing is yet to be presented. President Biden dismissed the accusations, labeling them as attacks “with lies.”

The House, in a 221 to 212 vote, approved the inquiry on Wednesday afternoon. It is crucial to note that authorizing an inquiry is distinct from an impeachment vote per se, but it does increase the likelihood of the House pursuing impeachment proceedings against President Biden.

Amid these developments, Biden’s administration has faced criticism for its involvement in the Israeli military actions against the Palestinian people in Gaza.

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