Unusual Dining Experience in Martin, Tennessee: Deer Crashes Through Restaurant Window

In a surprising turn of events, diners and staff in Martin, Tennessee, had an unexpected encounter when a deer crashed through the window of The Grind restaurant on Monday night.

The Hayes Family, joined by Alicia Owens and her daughter, were in the midst of their meal when a buck unexpectedly launched itself through the restaurant window, nearly turning venison into an unintentional menu option, as reported by The Tennessean.

AccuWeather shared footage capturing the moment when the deer approached the glass window facing the road and propelled itself forward. In the process, its back hoof accidentally clipped the shoulder of 13-year-old Ruby Hayes, resulting in an injury requiring 11 stitches. Ruby received treatment at the West Tennessee Healthcare Volunteer Hospital and was subsequently released home.

The video footage reveals the deer struggling to gain footing on the glass, creating a frantic scene. Alicia Owens expressed her disbelief, stating, “I couldn’t comprehend it was actually a deer. We’re in the middle of town, across the street from the University of Tennessee Martin. It’s like, what in the world?”

After making its way to the back of the restaurant, a patron took decisive action, fatally shooting the deer with a handgun. Despite the intense experience, Ruby Hayes remained remarkably composed. Owens remarked, “Ruby was shaking a lot. But she never cried. She just really didn’t know what hit her.”

The incident left patrons and onlookers astounded by the unexpected intrusion of wildlife into their dining experience.

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