University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Chancellor Fired Over Controversial Homemade Pornography

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Chancellor Joe Gow, 63, faced unanimous termination on Wednesday after it was revealed that he and his wife had been creating and sharing homemade pornography. The couple, operating under the moniker “Sexy Happy Couple,” released explicit content on adult websites and managed social media accounts titled “Sexy Healthy Cooking,” featuring collaborations with adult film stars.

The revelations prompted a swift response from colleagues, with the UW Board of Regents voting unanimously to terminate Gow’s position. UW President Jay Rothman expressed deep disappointment, stating, “His actions were abhorrent.”

Despite being a tenured faculty member, Gow will be placed on paid administrative leave as he transitions into a faculty role at UW-La Crosse. Rothman has filed a complaint requesting a review of Gow’s tenured status, and an external law firm will conduct a comprehensive investigation.

Gow defended his actions, emphasizing that the explicit content did not mention the University of Wisconsin or his role as chancellor. He argued that any associations made were the result of others, and he questioned the perceived problems with his conduct.

In response to his termination, Gow stated that he had not been contacted by the school before the meeting on Wednesday. Additionally, he disclosed that he invested more in the production costs of the adult material than the money generated through online sharing.

Gow and his wife, under the names Geri and Jay Hart, had also authored books focusing on how pornography could purportedly “enrich” a monogamous relationship. The couple had foreseen a potential scandal arising from their extracurricular activities.

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