Turley outlines the ‘insidious’ aspect of the Trump ruling.

Fox News legal analyst and George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley explained Monday the most “insidious” provision in the ruling against former President Donald Trump.

Judge Arthur Engoron of the Supreme Court 1st Judicial District in New York ordered Trump to pay more than $355 million in the civil fraud case brought against him by state Attorney General Letitia James. Trump is also barred from doing business in the state as an officer or director of any New York company for three years.

Turley noted that there were no victims or losses in the case before pointing to a provision that may force Trump to liquidate his assets. “And what’s really insidious about this, is that there’s another provision in New York law that requires Trump to pony up the full amount or to get a bond for that amount just to appeal this decision,” Turley said.

“So it’s a sort of a perverse incentive for figures like this judge, he made this so large that it could force Trump to liquidate assets in New York just to be able to get other judges to look at this. So it’s a grossly unfair situation and I expect a lot of businesses are very uneasy after watching this unfold.”

Trump will ultimately have to pay some sum, though it will be up to the court to decide how much the former president will have to post in order to appeal, University of Michigan Law Professor Will Thomas told The Associated Press (AP). Trump could also secure an appeal bond for a lower amount but would have to put up collateral, according to the AP. Trump is not permitted from taking a loan out in the Empire State which could further complicate things, Reuters reported.

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