Tucker Carlson Expresses Surprise Over Spanish Leader’s Meeting with George Soros

Tucker Carlson, co-founder of the Daily Caller, expressed astonishment upon learning that Spain’s socialist leader, Pedro Sánchez, first met with George Soros after his election. Carlson discussed ongoing protests in Spain with Vox leader Santiago Abascal, where thousands have taken to the streets to oppose Prime Minister Sánchez’s plan to grant amnesty to Catalan separatists in exchange for political support. Carlson was observed marching alongside protesters during the demonstration.

During the conversation, Carlson raised the issue of George Soros’s involvement in Spanish politics, questioning why Soros, a non-Spanish figure, would play a significant role. Abascal responded, highlighting Soros’s Hungarian background and noting his controversial influence in various countries. Abascal disclosed that George Soros was reportedly the first person to meet with President Pedro Sánchez after his election, a claim denied by the government.

In a visibly surprised reaction, Carlson sought clarification, emphasizing, “George Soros was the first person to meet with the newly elected left-wing Spanish president? George Soros?”

Abascal affirmed the claim, stating, “Exactly. That’s the news that was published in Spain, and the government has denied it.” Abascal further questioned the alliance between the extreme left and global multi-millionaires, pointing out the peculiar collaboration between anti-globalization left-wing factions and wealthy individuals seeking global influence.

Carlson then drew attention to Soros’s advocacy for mass immigration and asked Abascal about the stance of Spaniards on this issue. Abascal responded that, regardless of political affiliations, the majority of Spaniards are against mass immigration and advocate for immediate deportations. He highlighted a disparity between media and political portrayals of the issue and the actual sentiments of the Spanish people, mentioning that anyone advocating for legal and orderly immigration is often labeled a xenophobe.

The duo also talked about the ongoing protests, the threats to democracy and censorship.

Protesters argue that Sánchez is ignoring the rule of law in order to make political gains, according to Reuters. Sánchez attempted to create his own cabinet and in order to do so he needs seven votes from the Catalan separatist party that started a coup and tried to break away in 2017. Catalan’s leader, Carles Puigdemont, fled to Belgium to avoid being tried. Others involved, who have already been convicted, would also be granted amnesty. Sánchez said he’s willing to grant amnesty in order to get new votes and hold onto power.

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