Trump to Unveil Vision for Second Term Dominated by America First Agenda at CPAC Speech

During his upcoming speech at the CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) on Saturday, former President Donald Trump is set to outline his vision for a potential second term, emphasizing his America First agenda. Exclusive excerpts obtained by the Daily Caller reveal Trump’s intention to highlight the potential challenges of another four years under President Joe Biden’s leadership.

As the front-runner for the GOP presidential nomination, Trump has achieved success in primary elections in Iowa and New Hampshire, securing victories over major opponents, including former Republican Gov. Nikki Haley of South Carolina. Recent polls also show Trump with substantial leads over President Biden in key battleground states like Georgia.

In prepared remarks, Trump is expected to say, “Just imagine it…With 4 more years of Biden…A declining Crooked Joe Biden will soon have us losing World War Three.” He plans to emphasize his commitment to the “America First” approach and contrast it with what he perceives as Biden’s detrimental policies.

Trump’s speech will include a declaration that, “On Day One of the Trump administration, the decree will go out to every part of our government: from now on, it is AMERICA FIRST—and America Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth. WELFARE for foreign nations can come SIXTH, or not at all.”

Senior Trump officials have indicated that the CPAC speech will serve as a platform for Trump to present his case against Biden for the upcoming general election. Trump is expected to warn against the potential negative impacts of inflation, illegal immigration, and other global issues, arguing that these challenges would intensify under Biden’s continued leadership.

“These are the stakes of this election. Our country is being destroyed, and the ONLY THING standing between YOU and its obliteration is ME,” Trump is expected to assert. He will also unveil the line, “The unprecedented SUCCESS of the United States of America will be my ultimate and absolute revenge.”

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