Trump Boasts of Winning US Election Three Times.

Mr. Donald Trump, the former US president has set out to play a game of golf, on the second day of his visit to his resort in Doonbeg, Co Clare.

Asked if he was confident he could defeat US President Joe Biden in the next election, he said: “I could win it three times.”

Wearing a Make America Great Again hat, Mr Trump was accompanied by his son Eric as well as members of the secret service as he exited his hotel in a golf buggy.

The visit to Ireland is taking place at a time when he is facing multiple investigations back in the US.

Last month, he became the first former US president in history to face criminal charges.

Mr Trump last night praised Ireland’s ability to attract US companies to this country, who had been successful here.

Donald Trump said Ireland had done a good job luring US companies here

Jazz band music and a display of Irish dancing greeted the former president as his motorcade swept into his golf resort last night.

Staff from the hotel lined up to welcome him while members of a local dance troupe from Kilrush performed some sets and brush dancing in a courtyard outside.

Speaking to some media inside the hotel, he said Ireland had done a good job luring US companies here, who had then gone on to be successful, including his own company, who had been treated well and who loved it here.

He had dinner with a number of business associates in the hotel last night.

Further meetings are planned today to discuss future expansion plans at the resort.

His late arrival prevented a planned meeting with a local community action group who are concerned about coastal erosion damage at Doughmore beach.

Members said they were disappointed as they wanted to hear what further efforts the hotel is making to curb the damage.

Mr Trump and his party are due to depart from Shannon in the afternoon.

Donald Trump also said the impasse over post-Brexit trade in Northern Ireland will be a “tough one” to resolve but insisted “we have to work it out”.

Commenting on the deadlock at Stormont and efforts to resolve the long-running issue, Mr Trump said: “Well we’re going to see, they’re negotiating and we’re going to see, there are a lot of negotiations going on in Ireland and other places right now, but it’s going be a tough one.

“It’s not an easy one. We have to work it out.”

The DUP is blocking devolution at Stormont as part of its protest against Brexit’s Northern Ireland Protocol.

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