Trump and House Speaker Johnson Propose Stricter Election Integrity Measures Ahead of 2024 Election

House Speaker Mike Johnson convened with former President Donald Trump on Friday to advocate for new election integrity measures in preparation for the forthcoming 2024 election.

The meeting, held at Mar-a-Lago, centered on proposed legislation aimed at bolstering election integrity efforts. During a press briefing, Johnson unveiled plans for legislation requiring individuals to verify their American citizenship before casting votes in federal elections.

“Our proposed legislation will mandate that every individual registering to vote in a federal election must substantiate their American citizenship beforehand. This will constitute a pivotal addition to federal law,” Johnson asserted. “Our bill will implement new safeguards, aligning us with the standard observed by nearly every other democratic nation, which prohibits non-citizen voting.”

Johnson disclosed that the bill would oblige states to purge non-citizens from their current voter rolls. Election integrity has emerged as a focal point for Republicans, particularly those aligned with the former president. With approximately eight months until the 2024 election, key battleground states, pivotal in securing Biden’s presidency, are poised to retain many of the contested election procedures from 2020, as per a Daily Caller analysis.

Laura Trump, who assumed co-chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC), continues to champion the party’s election integrity endeavors across various media platforms. The RNC has initiated approximately 78 lawsuits across 23 states, an RNC official previously disclosed to the Daily Caller.

Johnson emphasized during the briefing that election integrity has consistently ranked as the foremost concern raised by Americans nationwide. “That’s why House Republicans are taking action. I’m pleased to declare here today, alongside President Trump, that we are fully committed to ensuring fair and unfettered elections in our nation. Without this cornerstone of our constitutional republic, we have nothing,” Johnson asserted.

Preceding the meeting, a senior advisor to the former president informed CNN that Trump and Johnson would deliberate on and “highlight” state proposals and litigations potentially enabling non-citizen voting rights. Sources revealed to CNN that the meeting was instigated by Johnson.

Trump prefaced Johnson’s remarks by emphasizing the imperative for legislation, stating, “I would like to demand that our border be closed, because we have millions of people coming into our country. Millions and millions [of] people are pouring in at levels that no one is reporting, that no one is going to talk about.”

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