Thomas Massie Questions January 6 Committee Chair Bennie Thompson on Pipe Bomb Investigation and Deleted Texts

In a recent development, Republican Representative Thomas Massie of Kentucky has raised concerns during the January 6 Committee hearing, pressing Committee Chair Bennie Thompson regarding the investigation into the pipe bombs discovered during the Capitol riot on January 6, 2022.

During the hearing, Massie inquired about the purpose of the January 6 committee, to which Thompson explained its focus on investigating the incident and making recommendations to prevent similar events in the future. Massie then raised questions about the deletion of Secret Service cell phone records related to January 6, suggesting a hindrance to the investigation.

Thompson acknowledged difficulties in obtaining some of the records and expressed that the committee could have produced a more thorough report with complete access to all records. The Committee Chair revealed that the deletion of messages occurred during both former President Donald Trump’s term and the course of the investigation.

Massie referenced a statement from Thompson and former Representative Liz Cheney, claiming that the Department of Homeland Security failed to properly preserve data, potentially violating the law. Thompson clarified that the records were deleted during Trump’s presidency but were only discovered later when Alejandro Mayorkas was in charge.

Massie questioned whether Mayorkas sought accountability for the record deletions, suggesting potential obstruction of Congress. Thompson explained that the committee had disbanded, and retrieving the records was no longer a priority.

Shifting the focus to the pipe bomb investigation, Massie asked about the whereabouts of then-incoming Vice President Kamala Harris on January 6. Thompson admitted not knowing Harris’s location at the time of the pipe bomb discoveries at the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

Massie expressed concern over the committee’s failure to thoroughly investigate the pipe bombs, emphasizing their potential gravity as a threat comparable to the assassination of John F. Kennedy. He pointed to video footage showing a non-uniformed officer alerting Harris’s Secret Service detail to the pipe bomb, with a delayed response in evacuating Harris.

In conclusion, Massie criticized the lack of accountability for the Secret Service’s deletion of text messages and destruction of phones, highlighting the potential jeopardy to Harris’s life on January 6. The FBI Director, Christopher Wray, had previously avoided Massie’s questions on the pipe bomb investigation.

Watch Thomas Massie pretty much call a CNN host an idiot to her face:

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