The Exciting New LGBTQ-Inclusive Dating Show Coming to Your Screens

Get ready for a fresh and inclusive take on dating shows with the upcoming series, Swiping America. This romantic documentary follows the journey of four individuals searching for love across the United States, and it’s proudly queer-inclusive.

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest dating show trends, you’ll know that there’s a renaissance happening in the realm of queer dating shows. From BBC’s I Kissed a Boy, where queer men share a kiss before any other interaction, to Ultimatum, featuring five queer women exploring dealbreakers in relationships, and Paramount+’s Love Allways, a queer twist on the popular Bachelor format with a pansexual bachelorette, the options are expanding.

Adding to this exciting lineup is Max’s Swiping America, a show that not only represents the queer community but also embraces diversity in its entirety. Produced by the creators of the fierce drag docu-series We’re Here, this “romantic documentary” takes viewers on an introspective journey alongside a group of singles from New York City—Ashleigh, Kesun, Kris, and Reagan—as they navigate dating apps, and delve into personal issues surrounding sex, relationships, love, and connection.

While Kesun Lee and Reagan Baker represent the heterosexual side of the cast, Ashleigh Warren is a queer woman who shared with Cosmopolitan that she had just ended a six-week bicoastal “situationship” before deciding to join the show. Kris (Krishnanand Kelkar), a gay data scientist who recently went through a tough breakup, adds another layer of diverse representation to the cast. By exploring cities like Miami, Austin, New Orleans, and Seattle, the foursome will embark on a series of blind dates carefully curated by the show’s producers.

The trailer offers a sneak peek into some of these dates, including Kris enjoying a dinner with adult film star Diego Sans (we recommend not Googling that name on your work laptop). Throughout the season, the group will form a unique bond and friendship with each other, culminating in Hawaii, where they will choose their best match from the season and determine if their relationship has what it takes to go the distance.

Swiping America, consisting of six captivating episodes, will premiere on the newly rebranded HBO service, Max, on June 15. Get ready to experience love, diversity, and the power of connection in this groundbreaking dating series.

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