Tennis Star Yibing Wu Retires from Match After Collapsing at Mubadala Citi DC Open

Tennis player Yibing Wu’s unfortunate health issues resurfaced as he was forced to retire from a match during the Mubadala Citi DC Open, just weeks after fainting at Wimbledon.

The 23-year-old Chinese player was performing well in the Round of 64 when he returned to his chair. However, as he headed back, he seemed disoriented and collapsed forward onto a seat, as reported by The Daily Star. A concerned ball boy, who had been holding an umbrella to shield the player from the sun, tried to help Wu back up.

At the time of the incident, Wu was leading 4-1 against Yosuke Watanuk of Japan in a bid to secure a spot in the Round of 32. However, staff immediately came to his aid and lowered him to the ground, indicating that the match was no longer a priority, with Wu’s health taking precedence.

Medical officials attended to Wu while he was seated, with his head lowered, focusing on his well-being. The decision to retire from the match was inevitable to ensure his health and safety. This incident has raised concerns about Yibing Wu’s health and his ability to continue participating in the tournament.

Ranked No. 90 in the world, it’s not the first health scare that Wu has suffered this summer, as he fainted in a Wimbledon match against Frances Tiafoe.

Taking on the American in early July, Wu was attended to by medics while putting his head down in his chair. When his heart rate was measured, it came in at 187, the outlet noted.

The match ended up continuing after a break, with Wu going on to lose in straight sets. Later on, Wu said that his fainting could have been a result of indigestion after he ate during a rain break.

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