Supreme Court Overturns Roe v. Wade, Granting States Autonomy in Abortion Legislation

The Supreme Court has declared its verdict in the Dobbs case, overturning the landmark Roe v. Wade decision on June 24, 2022. This significant legal shift has restored the authority to individual states to determine their own abortion laws.

Today, one year after this historic judgment, passionate activists have unveiled their vision of a pro-life message, aiming to reshape the political terrain in preparation for the upcoming 2024 elections. Stay tuned as we delve into their strategies and explore how they plan to “change the political landscape” with their pro-life agenda.

“I think what the pro-life movement is looking for is bold and uncompromising leadership on life,” Lila Rose, president of pro-life nonprofit Live Action, told Fox News Digital on the 2024 presidential race. “Leaders that are visionaries, leaders that speak the truth even when it’s unpopular. And the truth is, if you’re human life in the womb, you deserve legal protection and you should be protected from homicide.”

The Supreme Court has ruled on the Dobbs case, effectively overturning the long-standing Roe v. Wade ruling as of June 24, 2022. This legal upheaval marks a pivotal shift, returning the power to individual states to determine their own laws surrounding abortion. Today, on the one-year anniversary of this historic judgment, impassioned activists have unveiled their pro-life vision, seeking to reshape the political landscape in anticipation of the upcoming 2024 elections. Join us as we delve into their strategies and uncover their plans to effect a profound transformation through their pro-life agenda.

Rose said that someone like Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., who won by a nearly 20-point margin in the midterms before launching his 2024 presidential campaign, has embodied pro-life leadership.

“We should demand better from our candidates and look for leaders who are leaders in life. Governor DeSantis won his re-election in a landslide. He just passed an abortion ban after a baby is six weeks old, that’s a big step forward,” Rose said in the exclusive interview. 

Calif March for Life Lila Rose
“The work in many ways has intensified. And now we are fighting at the state level for legal protections,” Lila Rose said of the overturning of Roe v. Wade.  (Live Action)

“You have a purple state like Florida, and you see that when people are activated, when they’re organized together to accomplish specific political ends, big changes can be made,” Rose added.

Kellyanne Conway mirrored Rose’s thoughts during a recent press call with Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life, where she challenged the pro-life community to pressure pro-abortion candidates to give their stance on the issue.

“If you’re running for president of the United States, it should be easy to have a 15-week minimum standard,” Conway said during the call. “A show of compromise and compassion, and turning down the temperature provides a good opening and opportunity for hearts and mind to learn the truth about the political party, to learn the truth about the scientific development and the preciousness of life, and to know the truth about abortion in 2023 in this nation.”

“Pro-life is not a matter of winning, so much as saving and making sure we are consistent throughout their entire life,” Conway said before referencing how GOP 2024 frontrunner and former President Donald Trump “increased support for community health clinics” during his presidency.

Ron DeSantis in Israel
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is running for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination. (Maya Alleruzzo)

Several state leaders nationwide passed pro-life laws over the past year, but Rose highlighted that the pro-life movement is being heavily outspent, with some marketing calculations showing one pro-life dollar is equivalent to 40 pro-abortion dollars.

The activist noted that while many strides have been made since Roe was overturned in June 2022, “we have to invest more in education and marketing. The pro-abortion side is all marketing. They use lies and they use misinformation.”

After some pro-life legislation failed to pass at the state level in the 2022 midterms — including the Born Alive Infant Protection Act which required medical professionals to provide medical care to children born alive after a failed abortion attempt — Rose said that “we should be focusing on education and activism” in order to develop a winning message on the ballot.

“These are things that get the most important human rights issue of our day out in the public square and help open eyes to the truth about abortion,” Rose said. “That’s going to help and pass legislation.”

Supreme Court abortion dobbs roe v wade
Pro-life crowd cheers over SCOTUS decision in 2022. (Joshua Comins)

Rose detailed the overturning of Roe’s impact on the pro-life community and how “we have an opportunity of a lifetime to achieve complete legal protection for pre-born children and make sure that the right to life is respected in this country.”

“One thing as a first step is to double down on cultural work to educate others, to change hearts and minds in our own communities. That’s something that Live Action focuses on,” Rose told Fox. “And they’re not going to change overnight. But by the quiet, everyday work of reaching people, teaching people, educating, we can make a cultural change.”

Rep. Nancy Pelosi, R-Calif., claimed Friday that Republicans won’t vote for national pro-abortion legislation because “they’re afraid of their constituents.”

Supreme Court Roe v. Wade decision announced
People protest about abortion, Friday, June 24, 2022, outside the Supreme Court in Washington.  (Steve Helber)

“What are they afraid of? They’re afraid of their constituents,” the Democrat said during a press conference. “They’re going to have a lot more to fear in the next election. We can guarantee that to them. They played a big role in the last election. It will even be bigger in the next election.”

While Democrats claim that that GOP won’t vote for abortion because they are “afraid,” Rose assured pro-lifers will “choose political leaders who are really bold and uncompromising leaders on life and who are not going to cower and run from the issue.”

Rose also highlighted Live Action is announcing the new North Star of the movement “calling for complete legal protection for the child, as promised by the 14th Amendment.”

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