Steve Forbes, Former GOP Presidential Candidate, Criticizes Biden Administration for Regulatory Dominance

In a pointed critique of the Biden administration, former Republican presidential candidate Steve Forbes has asserted that government regulators, rather than President Joe Biden, wield substantial influence over the government’s operations, effectively sidelining Congress in the process.

Forbes leveled his accusation against the Biden administration, highlighting its use of federal regulations as a means to sidestep Congress. The Department of Energy’s press release on July 21 spotlighted the administration’s commitment to address climate change through the proposal of 110 initiatives.

Drawing a parallel to the absolutist tendencies of King Louis XIV of France, Forbes expressed concern over the perceived disregard for the rule of law. He noted that the conventional process, involving Congress and due deliberation, appears to have been sidelined in favor of executive authority.

Speaking on “Kudlow,” guest-hosted by David Asman, Forbes asserted, “Biden is not running this government anymore, the regulators are, the far-left has taken over.” Forbes’ remarks underscore the broader debate surrounding the extent of executive power and regulatory influence in shaping governmental policies and decisions.

“They’re eager to get all the spending out there, create constituencies like was done with ethanol, once it is in, very hard to get away from,” Forbes continued. “We have all the wasteful programs draining the economy and reducing future growth.”


The Biden administration proposed new regulations on water heaters July 21, following an effort to regulate gas stoves. Biden signed an order declaring a national monument around the Grand Canyon Aug. 8, barring new uranium mining projects, NPR reported.

“You don’t have to own a resource or company, just control it through regulation,” Forbes said. “The auto industry is now becoming an appendage of the Transportation Department where their existence will depend on the suffrage of the bureaucrats there, people in the White House, not selling things in the marketplace.”

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced new proposed regulations for increased fuel efficiency in automobiles July 28, taking the required average fuel economy to 58 miles per gallon, according to a release. General Motors told the Biden administration that such standards could cost automakers as much as $300 billion, according to Reuters.

“They spend more, but the key thing is they are putting in rules and regulations, nobody pays attention to them, that are going to devastate the economy and turn us into European-style socialist waste state, like sadly seen in France, if they get above 1% growth, oh, break out the champagne,” Forbes said.

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