State Department Official Stammering Over IDF’s Destruction of University in Gaza

A State Department official faced questioning from Associated Press reporter Matt Lee regarding the Israeli Defense Forces’ (IDF) destruction of Al-Israa University in Gaza. The university was the last remaining one in Gaza and was destroyed amid ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Matt Lee pressed State Department spokesman Matthew Miller for details on the demolition, describing the footage as resembling a controlled demolition seen when taking down buildings in the U.S. Lee questioned the official on the lack of a response and asked if the destruction was troubling to the State Department.

Lee interjected.

Miller stated that the video was being raised with the Israeli government, but he hesitated to pass definitive judgment without knowing the underlying circumstances. The IDF has reportedly destroyed numerous schools and the public library in Gaza during the conflict.

Watch Lee clash with Miller over Iran using unfrozen funds to sponsor the terrorist group Hamas:

Watch another testy exchange between Lee and Miller:

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