Social Media Reacts to President Biden’s Incoherent Speech on Abortion

President Biden’s recent speech on abortion during a rally in Virginia sparks social media frenzy as users criticize his incoherent delivery, while the crowd enthusiastically claps.

During the rally on Tuesday, President Biden, alongside Vice President Kamala Harris, attempted to emphasize the issue of abortion in the context of the upcoming 2024 race. However, his speech devolved into what some described as a “word salad,” with Biden slurring his words and leaving social media users puzzled.

Despite the unclear and incoherent delivery, the crowd at the rally responded with overwhelming enthusiasm, a reaction not commonly associated with Biden’s speeches.

Social media users took to various platforms to critique the speech. Greg Price, a communications professional for the State Freedom Caucus Network, and a former employee of The Daily Caller, remarked on Twitter, “I love how nothing he said made any sense here yet the people still clapped and cheered like brainless seals.”

Outkick’s Tomi Lahren challenged viewers to “caption this,” prompting humorous responses from the online community. Some users joked about the crowd blindly cheering while comparing it to a scenario where someone has a stroke on stage. Another user humorously speculated that news companies might assign Biden subtitles duty as a form of torture for their least favorite employees.

Amid the humor and criticism, one user raised a more straightforward question, asking, “Mr. President, what is a woman?” The social media reactions shed light on the challenges and scrutiny faced by President Biden for his communication style and the clarity of his messages.

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