Sky News Interview Sparks Viral Exchange as Israeli Spokesman Responds to Accusations of Racism

A recent exchange between Israeli government spokesman Eylon Levy and Sky News presenter Kay Burley has gone viral, with the British anchor’s question briefly leaving the spokesman “speechless.”

Burley questioned Levy about remarks made by a hostage negotiator, suggesting Israeli racism based on the exchange of 50 hostages for 150 Palestinian prisoners with Hamas. She asked if Israel valued Palestinian lives less than Israeli lives, calling it an “astonishing accusation.”

Levy responded by emphasizing the challenging circumstances, noting that Israel operates in horrific conditions and doesn’t choose to release individuals with blood on their hands. He clarified that the released prisoners were convicted of terrorism offenses, involving stabbing and shooting attacks.

Highlighting the absence of proportionality in the question, Levy deemed it outrageous to suggest that Israel’s willingness to release more prisoners than those returned implies a lack of concern for Palestinian lives. He labeled the accusation as “disgusting.”

Levy later acknowledged the impact of the question on Twitter, admitting it was the “first question that left me speechless (but only for a second).” Despite the gravity of the topic, Levy added a touch of humor to the exchange in a subsequent tweet.

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