Sen. Tim Scott blasts Joy Behar over claim he ‘doesn’t get’ racism: ‘Dumbest, most offensive thing’

Republican presidential candidate Tim Scott slammed liberal talk show host Joy Behar during a town hall appearance on Fox News.

Prior to Scott’s appearance on stage, town hall moderator and Fox News host Sean Hannity played a montage which featured multiple liberal media personalities making racial comments directed towards Scott. “The View” co-host said that Scott, along with Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, do not understand the racism black Americans face.

“We live in the freest, fairest land on God’s green Earth. And we will never apologize. We will never apologize for being Americans,” Scott said to the audience.

“When I went on ‘The View’ and said your comments are offensive, disgusting, and dangerous, because I want Americans to understand what I understand. We get to climb as high as we want to go, as long as we are willing to work for it. Your character, your grit, your integrity takes you high in America, as high as you’re willing to go. And for folks to lecture me on being black — I think that’s pretty rich for Joy Behar to lecture me for being black. Someone who gets away with wearing blackface,” Scott said referencing a costume Behar wore when she was 29 years old. “Can you imagine if that was a conservative? Or a Republican?”

Hannity agreed that a conservative or Republican could never get away with having worn blackface. Scott argued that there’s a “double standard” in America.

Behar displayed photos on The View of herself dressed as an “African woman” at a Halloween party decades ago. The comedian said that “that was a little bit darker than my skin.”

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