Scott Mitchell Expresses Displeasure Over Barry Sanders Documentary

Scott Mitchell, former Detroit Lions quarterback, has voiced his strong disapproval of Amazon’s new documentary, “Bye, Bye, Barry,” which delves into the career of football legend Barry Sanders. In a Facebook post, Mitchell unleashed a tirade expressing his dissatisfaction with the film’s portrayal of him and the suggestion that he played a role in preventing Sanders from securing a Super Bowl ring with the Detroit Lions.

Mitchell’s impassioned rant touched on various aspects, including his perspective on Sanders, whom he deemed slightly overrated, and his perceived lack of support from former coach Wayne Fontes. Mitchell even criticized Michigan natives Eminem and Jeff Daniels, both featured in the documentary.

In his Facebook post, Mitchell wrote, “I’m so tired of hearing how I was the reason that Barry Sanders never won a Super Bowl. I’m so tired of hearing how I was not a good QB. My only response is F*CK YOU ALL!!!!! That includes Eminem (and) Jeff Daniels.”

Mitchell further elaborated on his sentiments during an interview on WFAN Sports Radio in New York City, expressing his frustration with the documentary’s narrative.

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