Rooke: A Singular American Badass Outperforms Biden in an Exceptional Manner

At this point in his presidency, President Joe Biden’s only guarantee to Americans is that he will let them down in their time of need. Nothing has made that more apparent than watching him leave Americans in war zones time after time.

First, we saw desperate Americans and allies beg for assistance in leaving Afghanistan during Biden’s deadly withdrawal that led to the death of U.S. military members.

Then again, when Americans were left stranded in Gaza by Biden during the early stages of Israel’s retaliation against Hamas’ Oct. 7 terrorist attack. Both times, FL Rep. Cory Mills organized rescue missions that saved innocent Americans from almost certain death.

Now, for a third time, Mills organized a heroic rescue of about 30 Americans told to shelter in place or find their own way out by the Biden administration. While Americans waited for Biden, Haiti descended into death and chaos after armed gangs led by Jimmy Cherizier, “Barbeque,” attacked an international airport, leading to the cancellation of all flights leaving the country.

Mills announced on Twitter that he and his team were able to save another thirteen Americans who were left to the fate of killer gangs now controlling Haiti after the collapse of the government, including the resignation of its acting Prime Minister Ariel Henry. 

“It’s with great pride I announce that our team successfully conducted another rescue of 13 Americans out of PAP Haiti,” Mills posted. “Our team has now successfully rescued and evacuated more Americans than Biden and his entire administration. Americans deserve support from their government. Not the pattern of abandonment this administration has shown.”

Author Mitch Albom was one of ten Americans rescued by Mills and his team in his initial evacuation mission. Albom runs an orphanage, Have Faith Haiti, with his wife and eight other Americans. MI Rep. Lisa McClain was alerted to the desperate need for Albom and his team and turned to Mills for the rescue.

The rescue wasn’t easy for the team after violent gang activity in Haiti’s capital of Port-au-Prince suspended port operations where the group was located.

McClain told the Washington Post that Mills initially planned to get the group out on Monday, but issues with the helicopter and finding a pilot willing to fly into Haiti delayed the evacuation until Tuesday. Still, Mills, a retired member of the 82 Airborne, persisted until he could secure the necessary crew to get Americans to safety.

Albom released a statement on Twitter thanking everyone involved for his rescue, adding that more Americans are still waiting to be evacuated.

“I am back on American soil. Thank you to all have supported us during this difficult week. My wife and I are safe tonight. Many Americans, Canadians, and others who are still stuck are not,” he tweeted. “The people of Haiti are not. I hope that our attention can turn to them and how we can help restore peace and safety to a beautiful country and its people, who deserve so much better.”

Albom took to his radio show to say that it was clear the Biden administration wasn’t going to help rescue Americans desperate to leave Haiti. “We knew, quite frankly, that we weren’t going to get out if we were waiting for the government to help us,” he said.

Mills told Fox News after the rescue that he felt compelled to help because of Biden’s “pattern of abandonment.”

“This is, unfortunately, a pattern of abandonment by the Biden administration that has existed since 2021, when he left Americans behind in Afghanistan,” Mills said. “I always look at the fact that if the government is not going to be willing to do its job, that America has to step up and do certain things that are required.”

Mills and his team displayed heroism at its absolute finest. This job should not have been left to a retired veteran and his military connections to complete. Biden had the authority to send in a team of trained personnel to rescue stranded Americans, but he abdicated his duty.

What is the point of being an American anymore if you can’t count on your government to come and save you? With every American left behind, Biden’s answer is clear.

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