Retired Eagles Center Jason Kelce Steals the Show in Frigid Weather at Bills vs. Chiefs Game

Jason Kelce, recently retired All-Pro Eagles center, becomes an American icon with his memorable antics during the Bills vs. Chiefs divisional round matchup.

During the game, Jason Kelce, brother to Chiefs player Travis Kelce, braved 20-degree weather by going shirtless, chugging beers, and engaging with Bills fans. On his podcast, “New Heights,” Jason shared that despite his wife Kylie Kelce’s warnings not to go shirtless in the cold, he went ahead with his plan.

Giving a heads-up to his wife, Jason stated on the podcast, “I’m taking my shirt off, and I’m jumping out of that suite. Jason, don’t you dare. Hey, just letting you know it’s happening. I’m not asking for permission. I’m doing this.” His antics took place in the presence of Travis’ girlfriend, Taylor Swift, who joined the Kelce family in the suite.

Despite concerns that Jason’s behavior might embarrass Kylie in front of the pop star, Travis shared on the podcast that Taylor Swift had no issues with Jason’s actions. “Tay said she absolutely loved you,” Travis revealed, highlighting Jason Kelce’s carefree and authentic approach, even in the presence of the world’s most famous pop star. Jason’s refusal to alter his vibe, coupled with his beer-chugging prowess and entertaining persona, has elevated him to iconic status.

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