Republican Congressman Expresses Concern over President Biden’s Conversations with Son Hunter’s Business Associates

Republican Rep. Jason Smith of Missouri, who chairs the House Ways and Means Committee, has voiced his concerns about recent revelations regarding President Joe Biden’s communications with business associates of his son, Hunter Biden. The congressman found these interactions “disturbing” and raised questions about their implications.

During a Monday interview with “Fox and Friends,” Rep. Smith discussed the disclosures made by Hunter Biden’s associate, Devon Archer. The revelation of over two dozen conversations between President Biden and his son’s business associates has sparked controversy and scrutiny.

Earlier, on June 22, Republicans on the House Ways and Means Committee released transcripts of depositions from Internal Revenue Service (IRS) whistleblowers, alleging that Attorney General Merrick Garland and IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel had lied to Congress about the Hunter Biden probe.

The revelations surrounding the Biden family’s interactions with business associates have drawn attention from the Republican camp, with Rep. Smith expressing his concerns about the matter. The situation continues to attract political scrutiny and public interest as questions arise about the implications of these communications.

“So this is a bombshell, so Hunter Biden over two dozen times in the presence of his former best friend, this Devon Archer guy, he would just call up his dad and say ‘dad, say hello to Burisma,’” Doocy said.

“So disturbing,” Smith responded. “What we have found with the information that came forward with the whistleblowers, [for] example WhatsApp message that apparently Hunter Biden was seated next to his father, waiting for a phone call from a Chinese foreign business partner said we’re here, looking forward to your phone call, it shows that in fact President Biden did not just not know about his son’s business dealings, he then reverted and saying that he is not involved in his son’s business dealings.”

Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler testified during a Wednesday hearing held by the House Oversight Committee on the criminal probe into Hunter Biden about interference with the investigation by the Justice Department. Republican Sen. Charles Grassley released a FD-1023 form containing allegations that the Bidens received millions of dollars in bribes from a Ukrainian business executive on Thursday.

“Who can call the vice president, bring him up?” Smith asked. “It’s so alarming that we have seen the recording where President Biden said that he would not send the money to Ukraine unless they fired – unless they fired the prosecutor, and this was all within just months of the time frame. It stinks to high heaven for sure.”

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