Rep. Eric Swalwell Condemns “Indecent” Trump Defenders and Stands Up for Rep. Adam Schiff

Democratic California Representative Eric Swalwell criticized the “indecent” individuals who staunchly defended former President Donald Trump, while also coming to the defense of fellow California Democrat Adam Schiff. Swalwell’s remarks highlighted the ongoing political tensions surrounding Trump and the unwavering support he received from some quarters.

“Will you be remembered as footnotes and foot soldiers in history’s books that chronicle Donald Trump’s corruption, or will you be a decent as Adam Schiff?” Swalwell asked the members of the House of Representatives.

Swalwell’s remarks refer to a Republican attempt to censure Schiff for his role in investigation into collusion between Russia and Trump’s 2016 campaign. The censure motion failed on June 14 when twenty Republicans voted against the measure. Among the Republicans who broke ranks to oppose Florida Rep. Anna Paulina Luna’s censure motion was Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky, who cited concerns about the $16 million fine it would impose. 

Schiff described the motion as a “distraction” and the GOP lawmakers supporting it as “lunatics.” The House is currently considering another censure measure against Schiff without the fine attached. It is likely to pass along party lines.

When Republicans took control of the House in January, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy removed Schiff and Swalwell from their positions on the House Intelligence Committee, citing Schiff’s misleading claims about Russian collusion and Swalwell’s contacts with a suspected Chinese spy.

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