Rep. Daniel Goldman Claims Two-Tiered Justice System for Hunter Biden, Trump Warns of Impending Indictment

Democratic New York Representative Daniel Goldman, speaking on MSNBC, expressed his belief on Wednesday that Hunter Biden is a victim of an unequal justice system. Co-host Jonathan Lemire brought up the possibility of a third indictment against former President Donald Trump, with Republicans arguing that the justice system is being weaponized against the former president.

Trump himself revealed on Tuesday that he had received a letter from special prosecutor Jack Smith, informing him that he is a target of the January 6th Grand Jury Investigation.

Trump raised concerns about the short notice given, stating that it typically indicates an imminent arrest and indictment.

“We’re hearing Republicans say, both there on the Hill, but also presidential candidates, that the blame lies with the Department of Justice, that it has been weaponized by this White House. Just speak to us as someone who obviously has great experience in this matter as to how dangerous that is, also, frankly, impacting Americans’ faith in their institutions,” Lemire asked.

“I think that last point, John, is the exact correct one, which is that the House Republicans with Donald Trump’s leadership have been trying to undermine the institutions that hold the powerful accountable. And they’re doing that because they have no defense to the criminal activity of the president. And he is the leader of their party. And in reality, that’s why they are trying to attack the Hunter Biden investigation, which was an exhaustive investigation done by a Trump-appointed U.S. attorney. And now we have a special counsel who’s on the precipice of charging Donald Trump with this — with another indictment, but the special counsel by regulation is completely independent from the Biden Justice Department, which is exactly the point of it,” Goldman said.

“So there is actually no basis to say that this is somehow a politically — somehow political interference or a weaponization, as they say, of the Department of Justice. In fact, based on my experience, I’m shocked that Hunter Biden was even charged with these crimes. If you look at the history of civil and criminal enforcement of tax issues, and just look at Roger Stone’s case. He —he effectively did the same thing as Hunter Biden, and he simply paid a fine. So the fact that he’s even taking a plea deal in my mind demonstrates a two-tiered system of justice against Hunter Biden, not at all in favor of Donald Trump or the Republicans.”

Trump-appointed attorney David Weiss charged Hunter with illegally possessing a handgun while on drugs in 2018 and with failing to pay federal taxes in 2017 and 2018. The president’s son agreed to plead guilty to the tax misdemeanors and entered a probation agreement for the gun charge. He is unlikely to serve any jail time. The investigation began in 2018 and focused on Hunter’s overseas business dealings, though it eventually narrowed.

Republican 2024 presidential challengers have called the plea deal a sweetheart deal, with the Trump campaign also forcefully coming out against it.

“Today proves there is a clear two-tiered system of justice – one for Democrats and one against President Trump,” campaign spokesperson Steven Cheung told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

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