Prominent Black Conservatives Criticize Biden Administration’s Lawsuit Against Sheetz for Discrimination Allegations

In a recent development, President Biden’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) filed a lawsuit against Sheetz convenience stores, alleging discriminatory hiring practices. The lawsuit claims that Sheetz’s screening of job applicants for criminal records violates federal law by disproportionately affecting individuals based on their race.

The EEOC, in a Thursday press release, asserted that Sheetz had denied employment to a group of applicants due to their race, which contravenes Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The commission maintained that Sheetz’s practice of screening all job applicants for criminal convictions and subsequently denying them employment based on those records was discriminatory.

Several prominent black conservative figures condemned President Biden and the EEOC for the lawsuit. Republican Congressman Burgess Owens criticized the move, stating that Democrats tend to label everything as racist, even legitimate business practices such as screening applicants for criminal records. Similarly, Republican gubernatorial candidate Mark Robinson argued that amidst rising crime rates, businesses should have the right to ensure the safety of their employees and customers by screening potential applicants.

Legal experts challenged the EEOC’s claims, citing the commission’s unsuccessful 2014 discrimination suit against the Kaplan Higher Education Corporation. They argued that Sheetz’s screening process was essential for protecting the company from potential liabilities, dismissing the EEOC’s allegations as baseless.

Sheetz refuted the accusations, emphasizing its commitment to diversity and inclusion. The company expressed willingness to address the claims in court, highlighting its efforts to resolve the dispute with the EEOC over the past eight years.

Critics of the EEOC’s approach, including academic Glenn Loury and America First Legal Executive Director Gene Hamilton, denounced the lawsuit as legally meritless and called for its dismissal. They argued that the EEOC should focus on combating genuine instances of discrimination rather than targeting businesses like Sheetz.

Sheetz, a Pennsylvania-based gas station and convenience store chain, enjoys a significant presence across six states and was ranked as the 60th best company to work for in America in 2024.

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