Progressives React to Biden’s Decline, Call for Contested Democratic Primary, Citing Unfairness

Renewed Calls for Contested Democratic Primary as Progressives React to Biden’s Fall at Graduation Ceremony

Widely shared video footage showed Biden walking on stage in a suit and baseball cap when he fell to the ground and required assistance to get back up.

The president was helped to his feet by three people and the White House later attributed his tumble to a sandbag on stage. His latest fall renewed concerns about his age and sparked calls from progressives for the Democratic primary to be an open process.

“[S]ome top Democrats have privately been saying for months that they’re nervous about Biden tripping again on the trail. Today he did,” Axios journalist Alex Thompson tweeted.

Biden is being challenged by environmental lawyer and vaccine skeptic Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and author Marianne Williamson. One CNN poll taken in late May showed Kennedy at 20% and Williamson at 8% with Democratic primary voters.

“Open the Democrat primaries and debates. This isn’t fair to anyone,” former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, who oversaw the platform’s censorship of Hunter Biden’s laptop ahead of the 2020 presidential election, said.

“Very cool that the media acts like this dude is inevitable and barely covers his primary opponents,” prominent left-wing YouTuber Kyle Kulinski tweeted.

Left-wing investigative journalist Jordan Chariton pointed out how Republicans will use the video in campaign ads about Biden’s advanced age. “The GOP campaign ads are going to BRUTAL and effective. Still time for more progressives to jump into race against Biden or run as independent,” he said.

Longtime left-wing commentator Cenk Uygur mocked attempts by liberals to downplay Biden’s fall. “MSNBC reporting this as a big win for Joe Biden,” he wrote.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) recently altered the 2024 presidential primary schedule by placing South Carolina first. The state was crucial for Biden’s 2020 primary victory over independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and other challengers. The DNC has no plans to host debates between Biden and his challengers this time around.

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