President Joe Biden Celebrates 81st Birthday Amid Concerns Over Fitness for Office

President Joe Biden marked his 81st birthday on Monday, becoming the nation’s oldest president. Despite the White House downplaying concerns about Biden’s age and fitness, conservatives and media figures took the occasion to highlight alleged gaffes and mishaps that suggest a decline due to advanced age.

Conservative voices, including Republican Texas Rep. Wesley Hunt, sarcastically celebrated Biden’s birthday by sharing a compilation video of the president’s incidents, such as tripping over a sandbag at the U.S. Air Force Academy commencement and falling off his bike during a ride. The video was titled “120 seconds of Biden showing he’s totally fit to be president.”

Throughout the year, Biden faced various gaffes, including mistakenly praising the “Congressional Black Caucus” instead of the “Congressional Hispanic Caucus” and misremembering the number of grandchildren he has on multiple occasions. Concerns about Biden’s age have led to changes in his habits, such as wearing tennis shoes for better stability and attending physical therapy sessions.

Public sentiment regarding Biden’s age has grown, with 77% of Americans stating in September that the president is too old to govern effectively. A record-low 28% expressed confidence in Biden’s leadership. Despite these concerns, the White House remains steadfast in emphasizing Biden’s decades of experience and accomplishments.

While the president’s age raises worries among both conservatives and Democrats, the White House contends that Biden is the right person for the job, pointing to legislative achievements, job creation, and revitalized alliances on the world stage.

As Biden celebrates his 81st birthday, questions about his ability to govern and seek re-election in 2024 persist, with some members of his own party expressing concerns about the direction of his administration and campaign.

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