“Porch Roof Collapse Near The Ohio State University Leaves Dozens Injured” (Videos)

“On Saturday, a home near The Ohio State University in Columbus witnessed a terrifying incident when dozens of people were injured due to the collapse of a porch roof. As reported by WBNS and other media outlets, the unfortunate incident occurred causing injuries to multiple people who were present there.”

“It appears that the roof was overloaded with students. We’ve heard numbers between 15 and 45 students on a rooftop that was not designed to have anybody on it, and it gave way” Columbus Fire Battalion Chief Steve Martin told reporters.

Nearly three dozen people were injured in the collapse at East 113th Avenue around 7:40 p.m., local NBC affiliate WCMH reported.

People were partying at the home just a few blocks from campus when the collapse occurred, according to the New York Post.

“We sent a large number of fire companies to the scene. When we got here, what we found was the front porch roof had collapsed,” Chief Martin said.

“The few people that were trapped, I believe were probably unpinned,” Chief Martin also said, explaining that students were helping peers by lifting and moving debris off their bodies to free them.

Chief Martin said they initially estimated ten people had been injured, but that number of confirmed injured quickly grew.

Emergency workers transported 14 people with “various stages of injuries” to local hospitals, including OSU Wexner Medical Center, Grant Medical Center and OSU East Hospital. All were stable, according to Chief Martin. No injuries were considered “serious” or “critical.”

“We saw the aftermath. The roof was totally collapsed. I would say there were several hundred people outside. I saw a lot of panic happening. I saw people covered in black soot almost. They looked like they were heavily impacted by the accident” an unnamed OSU student told reporters on the scene.

WSYX reporter Myles Harris shared photos of the home Sunday morning. The photos show the roof completely collapsed, part of it pancaked onto the ground. Police tape and what appears to be a plastic swimming pool is seen in the grass. A wheelchair is shown leaned up against the roof debris, partially obscuring what appears to be a vinyl banner or sign.

“We are monitoring this serious situation closely and assisting first responders in any way possible. Our thoughts are with those present and their friends and family,” The Ohio State University told the New York Post in a statement.

Watch WBNS’ coverage below of the roof collapse near The Ohio State University that sent 14 young people to the hospital.

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