Police Bodycam Footage Reveals Fatal Encounter as Suspect Charges Officer with Knives in Tennessee

In central Tennessee on Wednesday morning, a man attempting two robberies faced a fatal outcome when he charged at a police officer brandishing two large knives, as depicted in police bodycam footage.

The video captures the officer exiting his patrol car and entering an apparently vacant restaurant, encountering the suspect. With both arms raised, each holding a knife, the suspect rushed towards the officer. The officer can be heard shouting, “Hey! Drop it now!” before firing at the suspect. The officer promptly radioed for assistance, instructing the fallen suspect to drop the knife and subsequently calling for emergency services. A groan, likely from the suspect, is heard in the aftermath.

Identified as 44-year-old Steven James Murphy of Murfreesboro, the suspect succumbed to injuries at the hospital, according to Murfreesboro Police Department (MPD) spokesperson Larry Flowers in a Wednesday press briefing. Murphy had allegedly attempted to rob an armored vehicle driver at a shopping center ATM around 9:13 am. When the driver produced a weapon, the suspect then targeted a nearby deli, attempting a robbery as deli workers sought refuge. The responding officer, identified as Adam Claiborne, issued multiple commands that went unheeded before the fatal shot, Flowers reported. Officer Claiborne has been placed on paid administrative leave during the ongoing investigation, as per an MPD statement.

A week prior, the MPD arrested and charged two men with ATM robbery outside a Murfreesboro bank. One suspect was apprehended at Nashville Airport, while an outstanding arrest warrant was issued for the third suspect who managed to board a flight to Texas from the same airport, as detailed in the MPD statement.

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