Phone Data Shows Special Prosecutor’s Frequent Visits to Fulton County DA’s Neighborhood

In a recent court filing, special prosecutor Nathan Wade is revealed to have visited Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ neighborhood approximately 35 times in 2021, based on phone data obtained by former President Donald Trump’s attorney. The data includes cell phone records with voice and text history, as well as location information for Wade’s phone.

The analysis of the phone records contradicts Willis’ assertion that Wade never stayed overnight at her residence and raises questions about the timeline of their relationship. While both parties claim their romantic involvement began in 2022, the records indicate multiple visits by Wade to Willis’ property in 2021. Trump co-defendant Michael Roman has accused Willis of benefiting improperly from her relationship with Wade.

The phone data also reveals over 2,000 voice calls and nearly 12,000 interactions between Willis and Wade over an 11-month period in 2021. The investigator who reviewed the records noted a prevalence of calls made in the evening hours.

While Willis and Wade testified that Wade did not spend the night at her condo, specific instances in the data suggest overnight visits. For example, on September 11, 2021, Wade’s phone was in Willis’ neighborhood from 10:45 pm until 3:28 am the next day. Another instance on November 29, 2021, shows Wade’s phone leaving his East Cobb residence area and arriving at Willis’ address, remaining there until 4:55 am on November 30, 2021.

Both Willis and Wade maintain that their relationship did not commence until 2022, following Wade’s appointment. However, a friend of Willis testified during a recent hearing that their relationship began in 2019.

The district attorney’s office has not provided immediate comments in response to the revelations. An editor’s note acknowledges a correction to the affidavit, specifying that Wade and Willis had just under 12,000 interactions, rather than text messages.

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