Philip Bump Accuses Washington Post Columnist Of Making ‘Misstatements’ About Interview On Biden Corruption

A podcast host who previously clashed with Washington Post columnist Philip Bump during an interview on Biden family corruption allegations is now accusing Bump of making “misstatements” about the interview.

Noam Dworman and Bump clashed during the Aug. 24 episode of Dworman’s podcast when the Washington Post columnist bailed from the show following questions about corruption allegations surrounding the Biden family. Bump wrote an article published Monday during which he labeled the probe into the Biden family’s business deals led by Republican Rep. James Comer of Kentucky an “investigative dud.” 

Bump also referenced his clash with Dworman, claiming in the article, “At first, the outrage it generated was centered on my resistance to the idea that Hunter Biden business associate Devon Archer’s testimony significantly implicated the president, something I’d already written about. Then a snippet of the interview was taken out of context to suggest that I’d been so flummoxed that I’d walked out of the interview, something that I didn’t do (as the YouTube page for the interview admits).

“But I understood the appeal. Instead of acknowledging that, 75 minutes into a 45-minute interview, I was disinterested in speculating on something that was outside the purview of what I was there to talk about, it was much more appealing to suggest that the mainstream media was very scared by hard questions,” Bump added.

During the interview, Dworman noted a text message where Hunter Biden told his daughter about the percentage of money he gave to President Biden.

“@washingtonpost @PhilipRucker @pbump,” Dworman posted on Twitter Wednesday, “Please correct or retract this story:[.] This is not accurate.”

“I’ve done enough fact-checking interviews in my career to know that such misstatements are unacceptable. The interview lasted 1 hour and 2 minutes,” Dworman added in a follow-up post. “At 58:00 Bump was already complaining it was a “setup” and looking to extricate himself.”

Dworkin continued in other posts on social media.

“The ‘sense’ of the topic was Archer, Hunter Biden, and Burisma. How, to a WaPo reporter, an ‘expert!’ could Hunter’s texts about giving half his salary to his father be considered beyond the scope of such a conversation?” Dworman asked in another post. “What an outlandish and technical claim.”

Republican Sen. Charles Grassley released the FD-1023 form containing allegations that the Bidens received bribes. The document, which recounted what a “confidential human source” (CHS) told the FBI in June 2020, says that a top Burisma executive felt he was “pushed to pay” the Bidens.

George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley criticized Bump’s coverage of multiple issues on his website Aug. 27 and in a column published in The Hill Aug. 26. The Washington Post said it stood by his reporting, Turley said in an Aug. 29 post on his site.

Bump and Dworman did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the Daily Caller News Foundation.

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