Pennsylvania Woman Drowns After Being Swept Over Waterfall in Glacier National Park

A tragic incident occurred in Glacier National Park, Montana, when a Pennsylvania woman drowned after being swept over a waterfall. The woman, identified as a 26-year-old from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, was hiking with friends when she slipped and fell into the swift-moving waters of McDonald Creek on Saturday afternoon.

Details of the Incident

According to the National Park Service, the accident happened near the scenic Red Rock Falls. The woman was reportedly taking photographs near the edge of the creek when she lost her footing and was carried away by the strong current. Despite immediate efforts by her friends to rescue her, she was swept over the 30-foot waterfall and disappeared from sight.

Rescue Efforts

Park rangers and emergency responders were alerted and initiated a search and rescue operation. The woman’s body was recovered later that day downstream from the waterfall. The National Park Service emphasized the dangers of swift water and the importance of staying away from the edges of rivers and waterfalls.

Safety Warnings

This incident serves as a sobering reminder of the potential dangers in national parks, particularly near water features. Glacier National Park officials have reiterated their safety warnings to visitors, advising them to exercise extreme caution around bodies of water and to be aware of slippery rocks and unpredictable currents.

Recent Trends

There has been a concerning increase in accidents in national parks this year, with several incidents involving water-related activities. Park officials are urging visitors to follow posted safety guidelines and to remain vigilant while enjoying the natural beauty of these protected areas.

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