Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt Endorses Ron DeSantis for Republican Presidential Nomination

Governor Kevin Stitt, a Republican from Oklahoma, announced his endorsement of Governor Ron DeSantis from Florida for the Republican presidential nomination on Saturday.

The endorsement adds momentum to DeSantis’ campaign and highlights the support he is gaining within the party.

The two-term governor threw his support behind DeSantis during a speech in Tulsa, Oklahoma, following the endorsement from 20 of the state’s legislators and former Oklahoma Congressman and Trump-appointee Jim Bridenstine, according to a campaign press release. Stitt said he endorsed DeSantis because he’s a “strong conservative and principled leader.”

“As fellow Governors during COVID, DeSantis did not surrender states’ rights and individual liberties over to groupthink,” Stitt said in a statement. “In this election cycle, Oklahomans will remember that DeSantis was one of the few who never backed down in the face of adversity, because DeSantis operated with dogged conviction and shared our values for a limited government and free country.”

“As a proven leader, DeSantis has boldly delivered results for the people of Florida that laid the groundwork for a booming economy, an education system focused on student outcomes, and better infrastructure for working families,” said Stitt. “To deliver these same results all across America and unwind the disastrous liberal mandates of the Biden administration is going to demand a candidate who can win and keep winning as a two-term president. I am confident that leader is Ron DeSantis.”

Stitt previously told the DCNF that he believes governors “absolutely” make better presidents due to their executive experience running their state. The governor argued state executives have the experience with overseeing employees and finances, as well as presiding over the legislature instead of just being a member of it. 

The governor also told the DCNF he’d be open to a cabinet position if a Republican wins the presidency in 2024, leaving the door open for a possible slot under DeSantis. Stitt floated Secretary of State or Energy, which he argued would be “the most natural” for him.

“When your president asks you to do something, it’s hard to say no,” Stitt told the DCNF. “If I could be helpful and the president wanted me to do something, I’m sure I would very, very strongly consider it.”

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