Non-Binary” Rugby Star Accused of Injuring Women Players During Match

How ridiculous.

A rugby player who identifies as “non-binary” is facing accusations of causing injuries to multiple women during a match. The player had gained recognition as the “hardest hitter” while being part of a men’s team, according to evidence presented by Reduxx.

Last June, the “non-binary” player was removed from a women’s rugby game after reportedly injuring three female competitors. Initially, the player’s identity remained unknown, but Reduxx has now revealed them as Ash Davis. Davis had previously played in the men’s division of the club and earned the nickname “hardest hitter” at the Senior Awards Banquet.

Controversy surrounds Davis’ participation in the women’s division, with reports of “much opposition” within the club. However, some members are hesitant to voice their concerns, fearing they might be labeled as transphobic, as revealed by a source within the rugby team via Reduxx. The situation has sparked discussions about inclusivity and safety in sports, raising questions about how to ensure fair competition while respecting diverse gender identities.

Also, here is an excellent report from Rebel News on the situation:

What a disgrace.

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