New York Jets Make Quarterback Change, Tim Boyle to Start Over Benched Zach Wilson

In a recent development, the New York Jets have reportedly decided to make a change at the quarterback position, with Tim Boyle taking over the starting role from the now-benched Zach Wilson, according to an NFL Network report by Ian Rapoport. Boyle, who previously served as Aaron Rodgers’ backup in Green Bay, is set to lead the Jets as they aim to revive their playoff aspirations.

The decision comes after a challenging performance by Wilson, who was selected as the second overall pick by the Jets in the 2021 NFL Draft. Despite the team’s 4-6 record under Wilson’s leadership and his six touchdowns to seven interceptions ratio, head coach Robert Saleh had initially expressed commitment to sticking with Wilson. However, the change was implemented during Sunday’s game against Buffalo.

Rapoport commented on the decision, stating, “The Jets stuck by Zach Wilson for as long as they could, as much as they could. After Sunday, no longer. It is now Tim Boyle’s show in New York.” With the slim playoff hopes still alive, the Jets are turning to Boyle, especially as Aaron Rodgers aims for a potential comeback from an Achilles injury in late December.

“There’s so much at stake here,” Rapoport emphasized. “It’s not just going in to start a football game, it’s really going in to try to steady this thing, somehow get the Jets a win and just keep them viable until their original QB1 Aaron Rodgers comes back, potentially in late December as he’s trying to just accelerate things from that Achilles tear.”

Boyle, who has limited starting experience with three games in his previous four years in the NFL, faced challenges with the Detroit Lions in 2021. Despite losing all three games and posting six interceptions to three touchdowns, there is optimism around the league regarding Boyle’s capabilities. Rapoport noted, “There’s a lot of smart quarterback people who think this guy can really play.”

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