MSNBC Reporter Challenges Joe Scarborough on Special Counsel’s Assessment of Biden’s Memory

An MSNBC reporter provided a reality check to anchor Joe Scarborough regarding the comments made by Special Counsel Robert Hur on President Joe Biden’s “poor memory” in relation to possessing classified documents. In his recently released report, Hur described Biden as a “well-meaning elderly man with a poor memory,” citing instances where Biden forgot details like his vice presidency tenure and his son Beau’s death. Hur concluded that while Biden willfully retained classified material, no criminal charges were warranted.

Scarborough, a staunch defender of Biden’s mental capacity, criticized Hur’s accusation as “Trump-like.” He questioned the inclusion of a neurological assessment in the report and likened it to James Comey’s actions in 2016. MSNBC reporter Ken Dilanian offered an explanation from Justice Department officials, stating that if Hur had evidence of Biden willfully retaining classified information, it needed clarification why no charges were filed.

Dilanian mentioned Biden admitting to finding classified documents but claiming to have forgotten about it.

Scarborough expressed frustration with Hur’s conclusion, calling it a mistake on social media. He accused Hur of attempting to “politically” charge Biden ahead of the 2024 presidential election. Voters have raised concerns about Biden’s mental and physical health, with an NBC News poll indicating 62% having “major concerns” about the president’s mental health. Another poll showed a decline in voters’ perceptions of Biden’s competency and effectiveness since the 2020 election.

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