Motorcade Vehicle Collision Outside President Biden’s Campaign Headquarters

In a recent development, a vehicle reportedly collided with a parked SUV that formed part of President Joe Biden’s motorcade outside his Delaware campaign headquarters on Sunday night, as reported by 6ABC.

Video footage capturing the incident circulated on Twitter, capturing the moments just before President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden were expected to depart from the campaign office. The footage reveals a silver sedan crashing into a black SUV, identified as belonging to the U.S. Secret Service, according to information provided by 6ABC. Notably, reporters present at the scene had been awaiting the departure of the presidential motorcade.

Breaking 4 News released footage capturing a person shouting a question about the upcoming 2024 elections, followed by the sound of a vehicle collision occurring off-camera. President Biden is seen reacting in surprise, quickly ushered into his vehicle by Secret Service members. The camera then pans to reveal the aftermath of the crash.

The footage offers a clear view of the incident, showing the Secret Service personnel surrounding the silver sedan and instructing the driver to show his hands. The Secret Service vehicle, which was reportedly involved in closing off intersections near the campaign headquarters before Biden’s departure, became the focal point of the collision.

In the aftermath of the incident, the Secret Service, with weapons drawn, reportedly confronted the driver. According to 6ABC, both President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden emerged unharmed. The first lady was reportedly already inside the vehicle when President Biden was swiftly ushered in following the audible crash.

As of now, the authorities have not disclosed the identity of the driver responsible for the collision. No official statements have been released by either the Secret Service or the White House regarding the incident. The situation remains under investigation.

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