Montana Senator Steve Daines Introduces Bill to Sanction Chinese Companies Involved in Espionage

Montana Republican Senator Steve Daines has introduced a new bill aimed at imposing sanctions on Chinese companies and individuals involved in espionage activities. This move comes after reports emerged suggesting that China had utilized American technology to spy on the United States.

The Daily Caller obtained a copy of the legislation, which outlines a collaborative effort between the Department of the Treasury and the Department of Commerce. The bill seeks to identify institutions connected to the Chinese military or intelligence services as restricted trade partners.

In a statement to The Daily Caller, Senator Daines expressed his concerns about China’s use of American technology for spying purposes and criticized the Biden administration for what he deemed a foreign policy failure. Daines emphasized the need for consequences to be imposed on such actions, underscoring America’s commitment to leading with strength in the face of national security threats.

Earlier this week, Senator Daines also sent a letter to the Biden administration, urging an investigation into various concerns surrounding reports of China’s exploitation of American technology for spying on the United States.

In February, a surveillance balloon, suspected to be of Chinese origin, was observed floating over Montana. President Joe Biden was briefed on the matter, and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin advised against shooting down the balloon to protect individuals on the ground.

The introduction of this bill by Senator Daines reflects a growing effort to address and mitigate the potential national security risks associated with Chinese espionage activities and their use of American technology.

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