Mitt Romney’s Unconventional Twitter Video Celebrates National Hot Dog Day with Zest

Republican Utah Sen. Mitt Romney surprised his Twitter followers on Wednesday by sharing a rather unusual video, passionately expressing his love for hot dogs. In the video, Romney directed his message to “all those celebrating” National Hot Dog Day, a holiday seemingly unknown to many but fervently embraced by the senator.

Clearly an ardent fan of this peculiar culinary celebration, Romney professed his admiration for hot dogs in all their forms. From the classic dog-in-bun combo to more unconventional presentations, he enthusiastically endorsed the versatility of this beloved American staple. Whether it’s with or without buns, and even accompanied by baked beans (details left to the imagination), Romney made it clear that hot dogs hold a special place in his heart.

The video, filled with lighthearted humor, showcased a side of the senator that his followers hadn’t seen before. Although the distinction between hot dogs being classified as “meat” remained an open question, Romney’s unabashed love for the iconic dish left a lasting impression on social media users and sparked various reactions online.

“I just like hot dogs,” the Utah senator told whoever was holding his phone and walking backwards while Romney did his “West Wing” schtick.

Personally, I had no clue that Romney (or the general American public) was this into hot dogs. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t born in America, but in the almost-decade I’ve lived here, I have not noticed a particular affinity for the hot dog.

Sure, there are many good dogs out there, but I would say the burger reigns supreme over these lands? Either way, Romney’s video is bizarre. But I guess it was pretty harmless, too.

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