Mississippi Governor Challenges California Governor to Debate on Proposed Firearm Access Restrictions

Republican Governor Tate Reeve of Mississippi took to Twitter on Thursday to challenge Democratic California Governor Gavin Newsom’s proposed Constitutional amendment aimed at restricting firearm access. Governor Reeve expressed his willingness to engage in a debate with Governor Newsom, offering to do so at any time.

This public exchange highlights the ongoing ideological divide between Republican and Democratic governors regarding gun control measures and underscores the importance of open discussions on this contentious issue.

Newsom proposed a series of Second Amendment restrictions, including raising the federal minimum age to obtain a firearm from 18 to 21, banning so-called “assault weapons,” requiring universal background checks for purchasing firearms, and establishing a “reasonable waiting period” for gun purchases, according to a press release.

Reeves commented back on Twitter, challenging Newsom to debate the matter.

“Gov. Newsom, I am willing to debate you on this in Mississippi any time,” Reeves tweeted. “So on your next trip to our state to campaign for my opponent, give me a call.”

Newsom has been supportive of many restrictive gun laws in the past, often calling for gun restrictions after mass shootings.  He’s often rallied against gun violence in America, saying, “Only in America do we see the kind of carnage and chaos of gun violence that destroys our communities and our sense of safety and belonging” in a press release earlier this year.

The feud continued throughout the day on Twitter, with Newsom responding back by saying, “Can’t wait for you to defend the fact that Mississippi has the highest gun violence death rate in the nation.” to which Reeves challenged Newsom, quipping about French Laundry, a scandal that plagued Newsome during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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