Michigan Passes Bill Criminalizing Misuse of Pronouns, Sparks Controversy

Michigan has recently enacted legislation that could potentially categorize the misuse of pronouns as a felony, carrying a fine of up to $10,000, as reported by Fox News. The bill aims to address instances where words are used to cause individuals to feel threatened or harassed.

According to the legislation, individuals who engage in repeated or ongoing harassment that reasonably makes someone feel terrorized, frightened, or threatened may face charges. The bill allows those who have experienced such harassment to press charges against the offender.


The potential implications and scope of the bill have sparked a debate, particularly regarding its application to the homeless population. Some question whether homeless individuals who engage in behaviors that are terrorizing, frightening, or occasionally threatening would be subjected to felony charges, unless they specifically misgender others.

Critics argue that the legislation is unlikely to withstand legal scrutiny, raising concerns about its compatibility with existing laws and potential infringements on free speech rights.

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