Michigan Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib Expresses Outrage at Biden Administration’s Pipeline Fast-Tracking

Democratic Representative Rashida Tlaib from Michigan had a heated reaction during a protest on Thursday, expressing her strong opposition to the Biden administration’s decision to fast-track a significant natural gas pipeline. Tlaib’s outburst occurred following the passage of the debt ceiling deal, further highlighting the divisions within the Democratic Party regarding environmental and energy policies. The incident underscores the ongoing debates surrounding the balance between economic development and environmental concerns within the political landscape.

The Mountain Valley Pipeline’s approval came as part of the deal reached between Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to lift the debt ceiling. The $6.6 billion pipeline would run about 300 miles through West Virginia, according to the Mountain Valley Pipeline Project, which has faced years of delays due to environmental reviews.

“What the hell does a pipeline have to do with reducing the deficit?!,” Tlaib yelled during the protest in a video posted on Twitter. “It’s bullshit! It’s bullshit! Bullshit! I call bullshit!”

“The one-and-only Rashida Tlaib has arrived at the White House,” the environmental group Climate Defiance tweeted. “In air that’s choking us, in a climate on the brink of collapse, she is demanding the President declare a climate emergency and stop the Mountain Valley Pipeline.”

During her rant, Tlaib ripped conservatives who noted China and India’s widespread use of coal to generate electricity.

“You got right-wing people saying ‘well, China got this all the time and India and these other…’ — What are you talking about?! That is not how you’re supposed to be talking about it!” Tlaib said in another video clip posted on Twitter.

Climate Defiance interrupted a Tuesday event where West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin was celebrating the approval of the pipeline.

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