Michael Rapaport Considers Voting for Trump in 2024 Presidential Election, Citing Concerns over Rising Antisemitism

Actor and comedian Michael Rapaport surprised many in a recent video, acknowledging that voting for former President Donald Trump is now a possibility for him in the 2024 presidential election. In the 30-second clip posted on Thursday, Rapaport expressed his reservations about a hypothetical scenario where the election would be between Democrat President Joe Biden and Trump.

“If it comes down to pig dck Donald Trump and smokin Joe Biden. I’m sorry, I am sorry – voting for pig dck Donald Trump is on the table,” Rapaport stated. The actor, known for his previous criticisms of Trump, used strong language in the past, referring to the former president as “derogatory,” “divisive,” and a “slob.”


However, Rapaport explained that recent events, particularly the October 7 terrorist attack on Israel, have shifted his perspective. Antisemitic incidents, especially in New York City with its sizable Jewish population, have seen a significant rise, prompting Rapaport to condemn pro-Hamas rallies and antisemitic attacks within the city.

In his original video, Rapaport voiced concerns about the state of the world and the need to address the growing challenges. Despite still using derogatory terms for Trump, he indicated a potential shift in his voting preferences based on the broader context of global events.

Trump’s resurgence in polls against Biden, especially in crucial swing states, was also highlighted, with a Reuters/Ipsos poll from November 14 showing the former president ahead by two points in a hypothetical general election that includes Independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

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