Megyn Kelly Offers Polling Advice to Ron DeSantis at Turning Point Action Conference

SiriusXM host Megyn Kelly, renowned for her political commentary, shared valuable insights with Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis on strategies to enhance his polling numbers. The notable discussion took place during an interview with The Daily Signal at the esteemed Turning Point Action conference in Florida, where Kelly delivered a captivating speech.

During the interview on Saturday, Kelly commended DeSantis for his recent appearance on Tucker Carlson’s show, highlighting the impact of his compelling performance. Drawing attention to the prevailing polls that position DeSantis as a distant second to former President Donald Trump in the race for the Republican nomination, Kelly offered her perspective on how the Florida Governor could improve his standing.

“I really think the number one thing he needs to do is get himself in front of adversarial liberal media and fight,” Kelly said.

“If he could just get in front of these, you know, go on MSNBC, that’s what I would tell him to do.”

“MSNBC, that’s your top choice?” Daily Signal reporter Mary Margaret Olohan asked Kelly.

“Do it, or Meet the Press, I mean, any show on CNN, everybody is left-wing other than sort of Fox and digital media so take your pick. But he should get out there and fight,” Kelly added.

“I was going to ask you which networks he should go on. MSNBC is probably the best one?” Olohan followed up.

“Why not just go for, go on Joy Reid,” Kelly said as she burst into laughter.

“What about The View?” Olohan asked.

“That would actually be spectacular,” Kelly replied.

DeSantis will be interviewed by CNN’s Jake Tapper Tuesday after a policy rollout in South Carolina, according to the New York Post.

The DeSantis campaign raised $20 million in roughly six weeks since DeSantis announced his presidential run, Federal Election Commission (FEC) disclosures show. His campaign and pro-DeSantis Super PAC Never Back Down have a combined $150 million to spend.

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