Media Accused of Aiding Biden Cover-Up Amidst Mounting Scandals

Allegations of media complicity in aiding a cover-up of Joe Biden’s alleged involvement in a series of scandals are intensifying. Critics argue that the media failed to hold Biden accountable during the 2020 election and continues to downplay mounting evidence of wrongdoing.

During the election campaign, Biden repeatedly denied knowledge of his son Hunter’s involvement in influence-peddling businesses and distanced himself from Hunter’s questionable activities. However, evidence suggests otherwise, with claims that Hunter’s laptop contains explicit references to Joe Biden’s financial ties to his son’s dealings.

Furthermore, IRS whistleblowers have come forward with allegations of financial improprieties by the Biden family. Despite these revelations, the White House has thwarted subpoenaed efforts to investigate, proposing a significant reduction in Hunter’s legal exposure.

Media outlets have been accused of disregarding claims by Ukrainian officials that Joe Biden himself discussed quid pro quo arrangements with them. Additionally, Hunter’s laptop, which contains extensive correspondence between Hunter and his associates, reportedly includes discussions about payments to Joe Biden.

The media also faces criticism for ignoring Joe Biden’s use of pseudonyms and alias email accounts to conceal communications with Hunter and associates. These actions have raised suspicions of wrongdoing.

Former Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin has alleged that Joe Biden may have been bribed by Ukrainians. Despite these claims, the media has largely avoided investigating the allegations further.

The current situation has raised concerns that Joe Biden could have accepted bribes to influence or alter U.S. policy, potentially constituting impeachable offenses under the Constitution.

However, critics contend that the media has focused on pursuing former President Donald Trump with a fervor that overshadows their responsibility to investigate Joe Biden’s alleged misconduct.

The media’s reluctance to scrutinize the mounting evidence against Joe Biden suggests a partisan bias, according to some observers. They argue that the media’s record of unapologetic deceit and failure to acknowledge previous falsehoods undermines its credibility.

The media’s past failures include the promotion of false narratives such as “Russian collusion,” “Putin’s puppet,” “election rigging,” and the “Steele dossier.” Even after these falsehoods were debunked, there were no apologies or admissions of error.

The media’s approach to Hunter Biden’s laptop, which was initially dismissed as a Russian fabrication, also drew criticism. Despite the FBI later confirming the laptop’s authenticity, the media had misled the public by suggesting Russian involvement.

Critics argue that the media’s unwillingness to acknowledge its past failures raises doubts about its ability to objectively investigate and report on Joe Biden’s alleged misconduct.

Victor Davis Hanson, a distinguished fellow of the Center for American Greatness, has highlighted the media’s role in perpetuating misinformation and failing to hold those in power accountable. He contends that media outlets have not expressed remorse for their actions, leaving the public to question their credibility and impartiality.

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