Majority of Americans Call for Ceasefire in Israel-Hamas War, Reuters/Ipsos Poll Reveals

A recent Reuters/Ipsos poll indicates a shift in American sentiment regarding President Joe Biden’s handling of the Israel-Hamas war. The majority of Americans now believe that Israel should call for a ceasefire, with 68% supporting such a move, according to the poll.

The survey shows a decline in support for the U.S. backing Israel, with only 32% of Americans expressing the view that “the U.S. should support Israel.” This marks a nine-point drop from a previous poll conducted on October 12-13.

As the conflict intensified following a terrorist attack by Hamas on Israel on October 7, the Biden administration reaffirmed its support for Israel. Despite calls for a ceasefire, including from within Biden’s own party, the administration has maintained that a ceasefire would benefit Hamas.

The poll reveals that more Americans, at 43%, oppose sending further weapons to Israel compared to the 31% in favor of such actions. The call for a ceasefire is echoed by half of the Republicans surveyed and approximately three-quarters of the Democrats.

Biden has faced internal and external pressures, including calls from within his party, the Muslim community, and members of his administration, to advocate for a ceasefire. The National Muslim Democratic Council threatened consequences for Biden’s support if he failed to call for a ceasefire by October 31, expressing concerns about civilian casualties and a loss of trust in voters.

“We call on the White House to urgently advocate for an immediate ceasefire,” stated the National Muslim Democratic Council in an October letter to Biden, citing the administration’s support as contributing to ongoing violence.

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