Leaked Audio Reveals New Mexico Governor’s Frustration with Homeland Security Secretary

A leaked audio recording has surfaced on social media, capturing New Mexico Democratic Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham expressing frustration with Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. In the recording, Governor Grisham can be heard threatening to send a letter accusing Mayorkas’ department of failing to collaborate with her on border security issues.

The audio, initially posted by an anonymous account on X, features Governor Grisham urging for more Border Patrol agents at the Sunland Park border, highlighting the absence of agents in the area. The conversation appears to revolve around federal seizures of licensed medical and recreational cannabis at Border Patrol checkpoints in New Mexico.

While the identity of the individual conversing with the governor remains unclear, a spokesman for her office confirmed the authenticity of the audio. However, they declined to disclose the identity of the other party, describing them only as a “high-level admin official.” The conversation reportedly occurred sometime during the current week.

Governor Grisham is heard in the audio contemplating the possibility of sending a letter to Mayorkas, accusing him of failing to collaborate with her office on addressing the immigration crisis. She expresses concern over Border Patrol’s stringent stance and discusses the potential repercussions of not receiving cooperation from Mayorkas’ department.

Responding to the leak, Michael Coleman, communications director for Grisham, emphasized that the conversation was intended to remain private. He reiterated the governor’s frustrations regarding federal seizures of cannabis products in New Mexico, particularly affecting small producers, and noted that similar concerns were conveyed to Secretary Mayorkas in previous phone calls.

The leak emerges amid heightened scrutiny of Mayorkas’ management of the southern border crisis. In February, the Republican-controlled House voted to impeach him, marking the first impeachment of a cabinet secretary since the 19th century. However, the Democrat-controlled Senate dismissed the impeachment charges earlier this month.

The Department of Homeland Security has not yet responded to requests for comment regarding the leaked audio.

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